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presently adv
1 in the near future; "the doctor will soon be here"; "the book will appear shortly"; "she will arrive presently"; "we should have news before long" [syn: soon, shortly, before long]
2 at this time or period; now; "he is presently our ambassador to the United Nations"; "currently they live in Connecticut" [syn: currently]

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From present + -ly



  1. In the near future; soon.
    Let me finish up one quick thing, and I'll be with you presently.
  2. At the present time; now.
    He's here presently, and he already started fixing it.


in the near future
  • Irish: ar ball

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after a while, anon, at present, before long, betimes, by and by, directly, ere long, in a jiffy, in a moment, in a while, in due course, in due time, now, nowadays, shortly, soon, today
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